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Well, we now are seeing what happens when you trust to hope, it is dashed. The Obama regime is rapidly becoming Bush 3.And Nancy Pelosi is acting like Nancy Pelosi. How dumb can you get? This is how the Dems lose every battle. If you are not authoritarian pricks like the Repugs you get beaten at their game. Every Dem seems to have a different message on this torture issue. And now no one is talking about torture they are talking about when Pelosi knew and when did she know it. Meanwhile her former colleague Leon Panetta has told her to fuck off if you think I am going to go agaionst MY institution, the one that has most probably offed people who got in their way US citizens and high elected officials included.

It's time to go back to tending our gardens as Dr Pangloss would say. Forget the trivialities of politics in the US etc etc etc until the next time. Hope dies eternally
Michael Murry
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Actually, Stan, Dr. Pangloss the philosopher went on "reasoning" about "causes" and "effects" to the very end of Voltaire's scathing critique of "optimism." Others in the little surviving party had finally -- if not long since -- managed to acquire a more practical view of life.


"Let us work without reasoning," said Martin. "It is the only way to make life endurable." 
... and Pangloss sometimes said to Candide: "All events are linked together in the best of all possible worlds; for after all, if you had not been expelled from a fine castle with great kicks in the backside for love of Mademoiselle Cunegonde, if you had not been subjected to the Inquisition, if you had not traveled about America on foot, if you had not given the Baron a great blow with your sword, if you had not lost all your sheep from the good country of Eldorado, you would not be here eating candied citrons and pistachios."

"That is well said, replied Candide, "but we must cultivate our garden."

As for the current, inevitable drift of the new Obama administration -- after a little more than a hundred days -- towards the fatal embrace of imperial militarism, I can only attribute that dismaying fact to the lethargic lemming population of America who -- no matter what they may say about "hope" and "optimism" -- generally agree in practice with the cynical H. L. Menken:

"I never vote for anyone. I always vote against."

At least in the past two election cycles, this national "throw the bastards out" mentality has coincided with my mother's first political lesson delivered to me back in my elementary school days in the 1950's:

"A vote for a Republican is a vote against yourself."

Too bad for America that this belated wisdom normally only emerges in the body politic after Republicans have pulled off another gargantuan looting of the national treasury. But in any event, Barack Obama finally made it to "the top of the greasy pole" (as Victorian Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli called the ultimate political "success") by running as Mr. Nice-'N-Hopeful opposite the snarling, sneering Geezer and the Go-Go Girl put up by the Republicans as a sacrificial offering against him. I voted against the Republicans, too, as I always have done; not because I thought a President Obama would really "change" America's dysfunctional national-insecurity government all that much, but because I could only trust that he wouldn't gut Social Security -- or at least as much -- as the Republicans would if Americans stupidly elected the greedy bastards to office yet again. I have my criticisms of President Obama, too, but then America does have two other "co-equal" branches of government either or both of which could individually or co-operatively reject the Imperial Presidency if they had the least little understanding of what America's founders intended with their concept of "checks and balances." But so far, "Let the Presdident have all the wars he wants," seems the order of the day -- and America has bankrupted itself succumbing to this idiotic notion.

President Obama will do whatever the wealthiest citizens pay him to do and what the duped and bewildered people allow him to do. When a sufficient number of millions of Americans take to the streets (the most recent six-million unemployed would do for a start), then and only then will discontent translate into demands for reform. So far, I see only a smattering of actual protesters here and there arousing nothing but yawns from the power-elite who own and operate the American government to their private profit.

President Obama has made a few good noises and perhaps tried to do a few decent things, but he already finds himself co-opted by corruption due to his hypercautous take-things-an-inch-at-a-time mindset along with an eager willingness to compromise with crony-corporate fascism at the drop of Dick Cheney's lower lip. If I didn't understand the corrupt-beyond-cleansing nature of America's "government" (a single Janus party with two right wings, as Gore Vidal calls it), I would marvel at how the most unpopular and discredited former official in living memory can exercise such a Svengali sway over supposedly the most popular Democratic President since FDR.

As for Nancy the Negotiator (from my poem of the same name), she has already written yet another blank rubber check for nearly another hundred billion dollars of needless Bush/Cheney/Obama "wars" in Iraq and Afghanistan. As bad if not worse, she has already taken Single Payer National Health Care (meaning just expanding Medicare so that it covers all American citizens) off the table -- her favorite place for vital American concerns. Speaker Pelosi just loves negotiating with herself and proactively giving in before the game even starts.

As for the C.I.A., well, the late night comedians don't call it "Can't Identify Anything" for no reason. Could I add anything more damning about this useless bureaucratic nightmare than just enunciating the name "George 'Slam Dunk' Tenet," an appoinmtent for C.I.A. director so bad that both President Clinton and Deputy Dubya Bush simply couldn't resist making it?

Anyway, I have to go for my morning exercise walk shortly so I'll stop this rant for now and rejoin the conversation later. Some people tend their gardens. My wife does that. I mostly just tend to my Taoist-inspired gargoyle relief sculpture/paintings.  
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Having been a life long advocate of the sublime wisdom of Voltaire I don't know how I can figuratively get my hopes up about anything except the sunrise and set. Candide would have been a cure-all for any optimist considering the woman who accompanied the Bulgarian army and lost half her ass and the rest of the unfortunate band of miscreants led by the good doctor. I saw several plays of the self same story and Leonard Bernsteins musical version too. Like many great works of literature you can read them over and over and still laugh heartily or cry in rage over and over again.

To see Dark Vader Cheney turn the Dems on their incompetent heads is disheartening in the least. As they said about Rick's lies, in the CIA, I'm shocked shocked. Poor Nancy wasn't able to negotiate her way out of the ignominy of the situation she had placed herself in. But every time George Swill or any other of the warmongering pundit class even mentions the so-called danger to national insecurity, Obama flinches by reneging on his brave campaign rhetoric.

It really is a tale told by an idiot full of sound and fury signifying nothing as Macbeth so passionately stated. Still we poor players must strut our stuff on this stage until we are heard no more and that brief candle goes out. Wouldn't it be pleasant though to at least get a good reception from the audience? But then we are back to hope and we know where that goes.
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