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I used to love the old vampire movies when I was a kid. Bella Lugossi (Count Dracula) and Lon Cheney (Wolfman) Poor Larry Talbot was always wringing his hands or paws in anguish about his condition. It was metaphorical magic. You could attribute all the pains and pangs of man to poor Larry.

Luckily there was always garlic, a silver cross or wolfbayne that could be deployed to neutralize a vampire or werewolf. These are the articles in plain demand today to put an end to the crazed Hilary Clinton, apparently bitten by the political equivalent of a werewolf. They said that once you were bitten there was no cure. In Hilary's case this is obvious. She will go on and on until someone appears at one of her rallies with a silver cross, a silver bulley or a bunch of garlic. Actually the only way to stop her appears to be to drive a stake through her heart before nightfall. This always worked for Count Dracula but you have to catch her unawares.

Michael Murry
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Somehow, the refrain from an old Frank Zappa tune keeps coming to mind:

"She's a Valley Girl, fer sure, fer sure.
She's a Valley Girl, there is no cure."

However, given You-Know-Her's elitist, post-secondary matriculation at a posh private finishing school for upwardly nubile political debutants, I'd change (San Fernando) "Valley" to "Wellesley" and write:

"She's a Wellesley Girl, oh what the heck?
She's a Wellesley Girl, like Madame Chiang Kai-Sheck."
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