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Well, the Indiana/North Carolina primaries have come and gone.  On the Craigslist wopo forum, buzz is that Hillary Clinton has cancelled appearances and interviews tomorrow.  I expect her to withdraw and concede the nomination to Obama. 

Republicans are starting to lose seats in places they have long held and spent megabucks to keep.  George Bush and his abuses have killed the Republican Party.  Who would be insane enough to give the Republicans more changes to do harm? 

We will be four years pulling ourselves out of this mess, at least.  But at least we will be heading in the right direction, not digging ourselves in deeper.  Yeah, I am really looking forward to this race!
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Not so fast KB. Opinion I have read indicates that Ms Clinton will fight too the death and that includes the death of the party. The Clintons do not believe that Obama is a viable candidate and they want to save the US from him. Their egoism knows no bounds.. IMHO this thing will go to the convention where she will fight and scratch to have the Mich and FL delegations seated. The rules committee meeting 31 May should be the first indication of how far they will go.
Michael Murry
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I've got to go with Kate on this one, Stan. Senator Obama has effectively triumphed. Notwithstanding my misfortune-telling instincts regarding all things Clinton, reports have begun to surface of Bawl and Pillory "loaning" themselves another 6 million dollars recently on top of the 5 million they invested in their doomed campaing several months ago. Bankrupted twice by their own dysfunctional and mismanaged campaign and with an estimated 10 million in debts still owed to disgruntled, unpaid service-vendors, "the mother's milk of politics" (as California Speaker Jesse Unruh notoriously defing "money") has probably dried up for good as far as concerns You-Know-Her's presidential aspirations. "No money, no honey!" as the jaded Vietnamese bar girls on Tu Do Street in Saigon used to jeer so many decades ago (and probably still do).

As one of my favorite Chinese aphorisms puts it: "The centipede is dead, but not stiff." The stiffening has started. The Crime Scene Investigation team would probably have this cadaver on the autopsy table right about now trying to piece together the true facts about the botched attempt to hijack a constitutionally prohibited third term for Bogus Bill.

I'd write a poem to commemorate You-Know-Her's deserved demise, but with "Maybe or Maybe Not," "Buffaloed Girl," and "An Ersatz Commander in Knickers" already long-since gathering dust in the cyber mausoleum, I can truthfully say that I already did my literary part long ago when no one particulary cared to listen. I could say "I told you so," but with everyone else now telling us so, I'd just find my voice drowned out in the belated babble of the obvious.ยก@ 

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As they say here in Costa Rica  "Ojala tiene razon".  Hopefully you're right. I just always take the pessimistic road in order to preclude disappointment. I have also read today of storm clouds gathering over the Clintons and John Edwards seriously considering backing Obama now that he has convincingly won NC. But I still can't escape the egoism displayed by the Clintons and how far they may go to reinforce that ego. 

Hope, hope the one thing left in Pandora's Box. Zeus made Pandora as punishment for Prometheus stealing fire from the gods. He gave her curiosity but also told her to never open the box. She opened it to release all of the attributes of humanity but closed it soon enough to preserve hope..

Michael Murry
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Stan, thanks for the Pandora synopsis. My own favorite literary reference for You-Know-Her and her cloying candidacy comes from Shakespeare's Macbeth.

Regarding the candidate concurrently: "... a poor player who struts and frets [her] hour upon the stage, and then is heard no more."

About the campaign throughout: "... a tale, told by an idiot; full of sound and fury, signifying nothing."

And as for the broke and bypassed also-ran soon: "... safe in a ditch [she] bides, with twenty trenched gashes on [her] head. The least a death to nature." She has assassinated herself and will soon lie down in darkness, in a hole of her own digging.
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Looks like Stan was right on track here, and I was mooning through my rose-colored glasses.  Knew I was in trouble when I watched my Washington Journal spot-check of the here & now and saw they were as rooted as ever in the continuing contest.  No hint of victory, or the end to this endless contest for Obama.  Their carefully moderated pundits behind their objectivity are all shilling for Hillary or at least trying to keep from being kneecapped by Bill. 

But thankfully, Tim Russert and others are recognizing that they will just have to accept it, the people are not going to be flamboozled by the race-baiting. 

My hopes of a concession were too premature.  Why should she act reasonably?  Isn't she campaigning for McCain, after all?  Let the Democratic Party lie in ashes by the time she is through with it.  The death grip lives to strangle another day.

Stan, your telling of the tale of Pandora's box makes me choke up.  So that's what hope is. 
Michael Murry
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Come on, Kate. As Margaret Thatcher once told Deputy Dubya's dad: "This is no time to go wobbly." Steady on, girl.

Let us take an example from the composed and confidant demeanor of our next President, Barack Obama. This man has taken nothing but undeserved shit from practically everywhere, and yet he has withstood it admirably. Not only has he effectively, fairly, and honestly beaten his combined adversaries, Democrat and Republican, but he has done so with not one but both rhetorical hands tied behind his back. One: he has respectfully refused to impugn John McBomb's war-agitating "patriotism," even though the Republicans have joyfully trashed so many other military veterans (like myself) for daring to oppose mindless Warfare Welfare and Makework Militarism. Two: Senator Obama has acted in a gentlemanly manner towards You-Know-Her despite her rude, personal attaks on him. He has not complained of her frequent refusals to congratulate him on his victories as he always congratulates her for hers. He has ignored attack dog James Carville's jeering that You-Know-Her has more testicles -- and even some to spare -- than Barack Obama (who, unlike John McBomb, actually has fathered black children). And so on and so forth.

Kate, the more I see and hear of Senator Obama the more I genuinely like and respect him. I think a majority of Americans now feel comfortably the same. I think he has "closed the deal," as some now like to say. More supporters will come to follow as the Democratic Party primary ends and the general election against John McBomb and the Geriatric Old Poops gets into full swing. In my opinion, Barack Obama has come by his success the old fashioned way: he has earned it.

Forget the desperate, transparent spin coming from loser advisors like Wolfson, Ickes, Davis, Carville and Company (who stand to not get paid by a campaign out of cash). I saw today a report that You-Know-Her -- while campaigning in West Virginia -- has completely dropped bagging on Barack Obama and has simply reverted to pleading her own case. Someone has gotten through to her that she risks becoming (if she hasn't already) a pariah and/or laughing stock within the Democratic Party if she doesn't close down her own doomed negative campaign with something approaching class and dignity.

As much as I wanted to see You-Know-Her deservedly defeated for stupidly authorizing Deputy Dubya's stud-hamster vendetta against Saddam Hussein in Iraq, I wish for no further, unnecessary intra-party dissention among the Democrats. Senator Obama has his victory coming and our country will fare the better for it.

Kate, I keep seeing visions of those miserable, soggy, destitute black Americans huddled abjectly in forgotten and flooded New Orleans. I will never forget the rage and shame that rolled over me as I watched helplessly my own fellow citizens sink in neglect from across an ocean. I tell you now that the thought -- or vision -- of an articulate, accomplished black American taking the oath of office as President of the United States -- only a few years later -- will somehow, as if in some small measure of cosmic justice, begin to dispell at least a quantum of the historic cruelty we "white" Americans have unfairly visited upon our brothers and sisters somewhat more "colorful" than ourselves. I can't wait to see the sight and hear the sound of President Obama's first inauguration. And I really do think that on that day Americans nearly everywhere will join me in rejoicing. A small measure of national redemption, surely, but not one to sniff at cynically.  
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Well, Mike, you've definitely been bitten by the "hope" bug.  And isn't it amazing that the symptoms are remarkably similar in their manifestation, no matter who is feeling it? 

A lightness, an optimism, a surge of strength and a tendency to believe that just by turning toward the path, we will be redeemed, and our efforts will surely succeed.  Nice.

What has brought us to this point is that the electorate is far more desperate to take advantage of this election than any of the politicians in Washington.  They are out ahead of the politicians in knowing how very far we've gone off track.  And all politics aside, we have not yet made substantive moves, and can't until BushCo is outa office, to correct the course, then start, just start, to clean up the mess left behind. 

We are one people.  However, we are not one nation indivisible.  We must admit this, since we have been (and continue to be) so skillfully divided.  What we must know is that anyone who seeks to manipulate us and polarize us is surely the Enemy.  Maybe with the chief disingenuist sidelined, we can see a relatively clean election.  Or so I can hope.
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