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...which is always right twice a day. Pat Buchanan has it exactly right here. This is a graphic description of the Georgia problem. As a matter of fact Pat nop pro communist, has been talking like this for years. As he says Russia was defeated in the cold war but now the neocons want to provoke them into yet another cold war. Is it for oil only or is it for pure unadulterated world domination? I suggest the latter.  and

Michael Murry
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"Having invented Indochina as the main target of a co-ordinated Communist aggression, and having in every policy advice and public pronouncement repeated the operating assumption that its preservation from Communism was vital to American security, the United States was lodged in the trap of its own propaganda. The exaggerated rhetoric of the cold war had bewitched its formulators." -- Barbara Tuchman, The March of Folly

I'd say that the formulators of American foreign policy have once again bewitched themselves with their own irresponsible and ludicrous Cold-War-II rhetoric. The reactionary Nixon apologist Pat Buchanan happily participated in slinging the red-baiting propaganda against American Democrats back when it suited his purposes -- which resulted in my own desultory tour in the Nixon-Kissinger Fig Leaf Contingent (Vietnam 1970-1972). Buchanan seems to have changed his tune lately; but that, I suspect, has more to do with the fact that Deputy Dubya and Sheriff Dick have cried "Russian Bear" (or Wolfowitz!) many times too often and that the discredited trick no longer seems to benefit the Republican Party -- Buchanan's true abiding love -- as it once did.

Pat Buchanan sounds a little more sane now regarding over-extended American imperialism; but he still hates Mexican gardners, housekeepers, and the late-night immigrant crew at every Taco Bell from California to Texas. As well, he still claims to worship the German Pope in Italy and the dead jewish body of Jeebus hanging from a pole the Romans nailed him to at the request of some local jewish rabbis two thousand years ago. So, all things considered, I remain disinclined to quote Buchanan's observations as I suspect he has some serious screws loose rattling around in his bigoted, primitive skull.

My typical liberal contrariness aside, I appreciate your imagery of the stopped clock telling the correct time twice a day. Unfortunately for the persecuted victims of rabid republican McCarthyism, the stopped-clock Buchanan tells the time incorrectly the other twenty-three-hours-and-fifty-eight minutes of each twenty-four-hour period. Still, the time-telling idea (and Barack Obama's craven genuflecting before some self-annointed TV preacher in Orange County, California) got me to thinking about adding a few more stanzas to my never-ending epic poem Fernando Po, U.S.A:

"Boobie Stopped Clocks"

The Boobies had a sun-dial which
Used shadows on a stone
To tell the time by light of day
Unless no sunlight shone
In which case they would wait for dark
And light of moon alone
A concept hard to grasp, indeed,
Since clouds at times obscured
The light of both the sun and moon
So Boobies just inferred
That Time itself just came and went
Like Death, which nothing cured
Of course the Boobie witch doctor,
More clever than the tribe,
Saw here an opportunity
To posit and describe
Some unseen spooks who possibly
Could change things for a bribe
So Boobies fed and clothed the priests
Who told them if they prayed
That Boobie girls would grow big breasts
And Boobie boys get laid
And if they didn't that just meant
That Boobies hadn't paid
But any Boobie fool who saw 
The rigging of the game
And questioned both the spooks and priests
About their bogus claim
Soon found himself indicted, tried, 
And roasted in the flame

The priests had friends with swords, you see,
Who offered to enforce
The "Will of Heaven" here on earth,
So some man on a horse
Agreed to join the Church and State
With no thought or remorse

Millennia have come and gone
Yet still the fatal crime
Of letting priests and kings conspire
Keeps Boobies in the grime
Who see the writing on the wall
But cannot tell the time
Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright 2008

Anyway, thanks for the inspiration, Stan. I hope I put it to good use.

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....Who see the writing on the wall
But cannot tell the time....

Good one Mike.  Vaguely reminiscent of Plato's infamous cave. The USian boobies are always at home in their cave watching the shadows of CNN and Fox on their cave walls. But could they tell the facts from these shadows? Hardly. Unlike Plato's denizens, most USians will never get out of their caves to get a dose of reality. And if they did, they would react similarly to Plato's crew, they would deny reality in favor of the shadows because that is what they "know". The propaganda artists that keep the flickering (30 frames per second) light shining into the eyes of the beholders will never produce reality, not even reality TV.

Yes, Pat is a bigot and a bedwetter (Woody Allens term for white trash) but it is worth it IMO to see his writing on the subject of post cold war America. Of course we who read and observe know these things, but millions upon millions of USians would be shocked shocked to find out that their nation's leaders have led them astray. Plus the fact that they trust, as they do Fox and CNN, that Par has the inside track.

I have been attending meetings of my local Democrats Abroad chapter here in San José CR. Even though most of the members are aware of the media machine, they still quote CNN and Fox about various topics. It is almost impossible for Americans to realize the hoaxes that have been perpetrated on them. It seems to me that they are organically imune to cynicism about their country.

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