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Michael Murry
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You can never do a wrong thing the "right" way.
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Our only hope is that they will earn the fate that was Rome's. The insanity just goes on regardless of presidents congresses or judiciaries. A disease it is that propels those somewhat united states. From a distance the US looks diseased and decrepit. Where the government fights to get a simple thing like health care for all and some would rather let it finish the president than let HC happen. What a place. And then to make matters worse, foreign lands are invaded and citizens bombed and killed to keep the military mad machine going. 1984 is a cliche but such an accurate one. Perpetual war for perpetual peace. Who believes this crap?

Like you I am free and clear of the disaster but I have friends and family still residing in the dark land.

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While in Ohio, I started thinking of it as "Christianity for the New Century:  Hate thy neighbor, do evil to those who have no defense against you." 

One inoculation of old-fashioned shame would cure the hypocrisy epidemic, but like a room with a bad odor, once you are in it long enough, it becomes imperceptible. 

I agree with Dan Rather [on Huffington Post] that until the media here are reformed, there will be no chance to do anything but further rip us off.  However, it remains to be seen whether this gov't. is capable of either reforming or regulating.  Sez I.
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