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I see Stan grinning from ear to ear.  It is a momentous day in and for the US. 

The snake must shed its skin or die.  In the case of an iron-clad snake, male, it may feel much like childbirth. 
So I see us (US) triangulated against the world's eyes as the senate hears evidence of drone strikes in the words of one eloquent speaker "what all the radicals had failed to do was done in an instant" to his Yemeni village. 
There are moments when the irony converges in such intensity that change is forced, even on the unwilling.  It is, after all the Year of the Snake, and no one can doubt that if the emperor is in fact naked, it will be foolish to hide it. 
It's not just any other April, you see.  In Brazil and Argentina, the Operation Condor trial is bringing to light the sordid history, and in Guatemala the same.  All threads are leading to the US.  All eyes are on the US right now.  The Obama administration did not deign to send a representative to the Senate hearings on drones yesterday.  The third point, of course, is Yemen, where the drone strikes continue with impunity and most of the Guantanamo 86 (cleared for release but still held) are from. 
Just watched the Stream, on AlJazeera TV.  On the closing of Guantanamo.  Hold onto your hat, folks, it is going to get interesting. 
To proceed with the triangulation, the Boston bombing suspect's answer to why he did it.  I wonder how long it took for Eric Holder to remember just why we couldn't take him to court.  Oh yeah, we will need to hear him speak, and answer the question, "Why did you do this?"  So the voice was heard and the answer was simple.  It is reverberating still as I speak.
We will see the dawn of consensus yet, and it will be as easy as waking up.  We'll either rise to our potential as a world power and return to the humanitarian politics practiced by the public at large in contrast to our warlords, who are basically prosecuting this death-spiral, or as I call it, the iron-clad skin. It must be like childbirth, the shedding of a such a skin,  But to us iotas, the grassroots, it is just another day, a bright morning to welcome the changing seasons and the eventual ascent of all things right in the world. 
Sorry if I'm a little incoherent, these conjunctions that may actually effect change make me wax manic such is the power of hope, but oh God, if change could come.  What is a rogue nation?  One that doesn't respect or follow international law.  The world is watching and it will have to take hold of us, US.  There was a Chinese student killed in that Boston bombing.  How will our indignation over this crime play?  You mean there could be consequences for gratuitous war?  For dirty war?
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