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Michael Murry
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I normally take a back seat to no one when it comes to polemical irony, but this little jewel from Glenn Greenwald of really comes as near to poetry as one can get without actually composing verse stanzas. The Seizure Class has certainly gotten its collective panties in a bunch over the merest hint that the Big Brother they unleashed on everyone else has now started nibbling on them. Who could have imagined?
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Great article Mike (although the link is problematic), because it justifies the outrage (an overused sentiment in today's world I realize) I feel about Jane Harman. I believe she fits nicely inside the covers of Glenn's other book "Great American Hypocrites" But hypocrisy is America's chief export so what else is new?

Fortunately our fearless leader has reversed (to much conservative consternation) his decision on prosecuting "interrogator/torturers" of the CIA in their quest to not again be caught flat footed by an attack. Obviously the agency subcontracted out their torture to brutal contractor thugs. Did they think they would get cover by doing this? The lengthy NYT article about same is quite enlightening both psychologically and informationally. The most amazing thing revealed was the lack of investigation that followed the briefings by G Tenet to proceed with these techniques.

My question therefore is "Should Albert Eichmann have been prosecuted for following orders?" If CIA investigators (using a tactful term here) were receiving their orders from above does this excuse their torture techniques? Apparently Nȕrnberg was not proof enough for Obama. Certainly he knows that not only Himmler was almost hanged, so were the underlings that performed the atrocities directly. I guess that was when morality was still morality in the US. One could argue back and forth iresolutely whether conditions on the ground warrant changes in the moral compass. Would citizens of the US have blamed the Bush regime if another attack had ocurred and those techniques had not been employed?
Cynical I says yes but idealistic I says never.

Wow I am so glad I am not a taxpayer in the US any more. The hits just keep on coming.

BTW sorry about the problem with the website. They arbitrarily pulled this on me a while back and I quickly got them to change it back to the old free for all scenario that we like.

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Michael!!  Michael!!  Lo and behold you are back!

Oh, joy.  I was just thinking about you this morning.  The long silence is broken. We couldn't have the Infinite Tribune without you, its heart and soul (Stan, as you know, is its brain).  That leaves me to be the asshole. 

But oh, how glad I am to see you up and running, posting, sounding like your old self. 

Life is good, after all.  It really is.

Welcome back!
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