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Yo Mike

I've been seeing the results of Typhoon Morakot on BBC. Looks like you might have missed the wind but gotten drenched I looked at a map of Kaohsiung and it looks like there are a lot of rivers and bays etc. The amount of rain sounds like what we get here in October, massive amounts in a short time. Hope all is well and you are high and dry.
Michael Murry
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Hi, Stan. Thanks for the solicitous inquiry.

We made out OK during the big blast of wind and rain that hit us last week. We got a little water leakage into the kitchen and around some un-weatherstripped windows in a few of the upstairs rooms, but basically we avoided the flood waters that ripped through many other areas of Southern Taiwan. Unfortunately, a mountain mudslide just buried about 600 people in a remote village the other day. Personally, we have to thank our lucky stars that we all came through the taiphoon unhurt. So many other people cannot say the same.

I'll catch you up on more of the details later, but now I've got to go check in to the hospital for two days of tests following up on that cardiac-artery unclogging procedure that I had performed on me almost six-months ago. Today, I get the blood work done and tomorrow I undergo another angiogram, which the doctor said should only take about an hour. If everything looks good, then I'll return home the day after tomorrow and let you know the results.

Take care and we'll "talk" more later ...

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