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Bush is going to the Olympics in China. That's good thing. He says he is bringing a message to to the Chinese about human rights. That's a joke!

Last night we got to see the HBO special on Abu Ghraib. I was sick to my stomach. Not because I do not know that these things happen in many places in the world and have since man began. I have read the history of empires from the Persians to the British. All are similarly constituted as fear and terror are used to propagate rule.

There is one great commonality to the horrors wreaked upon the world by the Romans, the British, the French, and the Nazis. They either were proud of their psychic dominance of the subjugated peoples, thought that they bore the white mans burden or sought to raise their people's estemm through butchery of others.

America is so different. We actually had a constitution written and ratified that guarantee that these things can and will not happen. Yet, here we are. And why is there not a hew and cry for the heads of the butchers in Washington? Because America is in denial. They feel they can do no wrong. They have god on their side. Like the crusaders before them they can kill and butcher as long as it is fior a good cause, the American righteousness, the exceptionalism that is theur creed.

Religions have this same bipolar disorder. Any crime is ok in the name of their righteousness. Of course the problem is deciding who is right and who is wrong. But that's a matter for the philosophers.

So here we have our cretin-inn-chief off to China to see a few games. That's a good thing in my opinion. But bringing his message against human rights abuses? What fucking joke!

Michael Murry
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"Why is there not a hew and cry for the heads of the butchers in Washington?"

I hear no hue and cry
For hewing crooked heads like dead tree branches
Because the useful lie
Means only poor folk die
While voters give the richest perps more chances. 

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Mike's select words of rebuttal, managing to correct your spelling of hue & cry in the same stroke, form a masterpiece of mockery.

Just returned from Ohio, where all minds [appear to] have cleaved to the only voice of authority, Fux news.  Yes, you all have got it right.  My well-to-do family fear they will be victimized, but only by those with less than themselves.  They reserve their fiercest indignation as always for anyone in the entitlements line.  Any analysis more complex than that has been shocked out of their brains.  As for accusations of torture and aggression they have so long acquiesced in this that their only reserve of indignation is for you and me, the despised liberals.  In the current milieu if darkness were to fall they'd have a hard time telling the difference between it and high noon. 

I'm still holding my breath until November.  Except for these little gulps of sweet fresh air I can get on the infinite forum, I expect no sentience now, just soldiering on through the sandstorm of distractions and the increasing hammering drumbeat of the Lie.
Michael Murry
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Thanks, Kate, for the response to my poem fragment as well as the firsthand report from America's heart of Republican darkness. I wrote an essay once called "The Calvinist and his Hobbes" which deconstructed Deputy Dubya Bush and Sheriff Dick Cheney's (fortunately) aborted attempt to dismantle Social Security. I made my comments in terms of the historic roots of American Puritanism and its inherited (from Martin Luther and John Calvin) top-down class warfare by the rich against the working poor as no longer deserving objects of charity but of open contempt as "idle sinners." I'll repost a copy of the essay here if you'd like.
In any event, as you know, I've devoted many years to what Calvin Trillin calls "Deadline Poetry" (casting current events into virtual verse punditry), especially linguistic-abuse issues that my epic "Boobie" poem Fernando Po, U.S.A. explores with each topic in its own episodic chapter (or, "Canto," in Italian, I believe). Your comments got me to reflecting a little more on this "Darkness at Noon" theme, and thus ...   
(no title yet)
I do not mean to mock

Misspellings of an idiom germane,

But only to defrock

The cheesy awe and shock

That in the U.S.A beguiles the brain.


Some say it matters not

That "two" and "to" and "too" don't equal four

Because we all have got,

We say, the basic plot,

So we speak noise and paddle with an ¡§or.¡¨


We scratch some marks in place

On surfaces that might outlast our speech

And cluster them in place

Divided by a space

Which add up to an incoherent screech.


We try to see our thought

And hold it still awhile in written prose;

Except when badly wrought

We think not what we ought,

But only what we¡¦d rather just suppose.


So then, why should we care

When yokels tow the line far out to see?

Misspellings should not scare

Like tires too low on air

Because our mental rims roll round and free.


We think just what we will

As C. S. Peirce once tried in vain to show.

Once habit we instill

Belief requires we kill;

And why we do it, few inquire to know.   


No feathers and no tar

Await our malefactor leaders fat.

Since ¡§it¡¨ depends by far

On ¡§is¡¨ and ¡§am¡¨ and ¡§are¡¨:

And what whomever means by ¡§this¡¨ and ¡§that.¡¨


This post-linguistic land

Once knew a time when folk could read and write.

Now, trapped in TV land

The vapid and the bland

Must see the lying lips to taste the trite.


Like Boobies ¡¥round their fire

The body-language gestures matter more

Than words as thought-attire

So fear soon morphs to ire

Then ¡§witches¡¨ burn for daring to explore. 

We¡¦ve come back to the cave

Although, perhaps, we scarcely ever left.

Too few will chance to brave

Their ¡§friends¡¨ who howl and rave  

At any who decry the language theft.
(perhaps more later. perhaps not.) ... 

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