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Michael Murry
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Fred Kaplan recently published another of his "war stories" columns for entitled "We Finally Have a Strategy for Afghanistan (Dec. 23, 2008), Instead of getting picky and reminding him that "final" means "last" or "nothing coming after," and that "strategy" means "a workable plan for accomplishing a known goal," I simply wished him a Happy New Year and sent along a copy of my poem "Boobie Counter Insurgency." I explained as background context how I had gotten my inspiration from a professor/former-ambassador who once explained to me why his government had refused military aid from America:
"If the Americans come, they will only draw an arbitrary line through a temporary problem and make both permanent."
After I sent the message and poem, I got to looking through my poetry sub-directory on disk and found an unfinished piece called "Boobie Self-Constructed Conundrums" dealing with my favorite subject: primitive word magic and its devastating effects upon the animist, sub-educated, post-lingustic Boobies of America. Fixing up some of the verse and adding a few stanzas led me to complete this "final" -- as of the first day of 2009 -- Boobie episode of Fernando Po, U.S.A. 
For those interested, I attach both poems below as Adobe Acrobat *.pdf files. Happy New Year to polemical poetry lovers everywhere; and may this tragic planet earth know a "final" peace -- if only for one day before the next war starts tomorrow.


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