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Ojala is a favorite word in Costa Rica. It means either "if only" or "hopefully" depending on how you use it. This article is one that gives true liberals that feeling. If only Señor Packard is right and the conservative holocaust is really coming to an end.
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That you ask it wistfully doesn't augur well.  For liberalism to sieze the day it will have to stop letting vacuums accumulate that then will have to be filled by someone with other passions bursting out at the seams, ones not so worthy of leadership.  Or so I think, and have thought ever since my generation, the hope of the WWII parents, abdicated our responsibility to forge a new order with the simple expediency of "Let us now gather at the government tit."  At least me, in my calvinist, way, maybe it's all those Quaker forebears, see it. 

There is much to be done.  Isn't that the true meaning of happiness?  Being in the right place at the right time, with a job that needs to be done?  I've got my heart set on seeing a popular movement arise, Ojala!  To live using 1/48th of the resources I am at present, to be on a par with the average Indian.  Not ambitious you say?  No, but it calls me anyway.  Conservation is such a dirty word, and even when popularized, consists of so much fluff, that I see the only hope is for it to become sexy, sexy like survival shows are sexy.  And then we may learn some of what the rest of the world already knows:

God has damned America.  How else could we have so much, and yet whine so spitefully over how much more we deserve?  It's hilarious if you think about it, and woe to those who start to see it through those worldly eyes, for it is possible, just possible that even in this dumbed-down country shame will be first a passing thought then a preoccupation, and then a penance we cannot pay.  And when we think we can't stand it anymore, maybe someone somewhere, will offer a grudging forgiveness.  But if it was Gabriel himself, weighing the sheep and the goats, he might be hard put to find, like my contractor, "a doorknob worth saving."

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Nice to receive you inciteful and sagacious comments again. Yes my feelings that the holocaust of reactionary conservatism is at an end is a plaintiff cry. As I have counseled myself many times to follow Bob Dylan's dictum; "don't follow leaders watch the parking meters",

Every hero has been is and will be a disappointment in an era that needs heroes or at least leaders. I just read a column by Bill Kristol, though I find his ideology repugnant, this was about T Jefferson. It regarded a letter he sent from his deathbed to someone who had invited him to the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. He had to refuse the invite due to ill health, he died a week later on the 4th of July (as well did John Adams on the same day about two hours later) John Adaams last words were the key to this letter, "Jefferson survives"

Does Thomas Jefferson and the spirit of leadership of the revolutionaries still survive? If it does we would be hard pressed to find it. Today's world is a far cry from the agonizing days of 1776, the divine right of kings, the established aristocracy and slavery. An African American man is today the nominee for president of the US. Would Jefferson or any of the revolutionaries have imagined this? Hardly, you could not even vote without owning proerty and being a male. Blacks were 3/5ths of a man.

So ojalá! still is my sentiment. Perhaps the damaged and beleagured Barack Obama will bring change or perhaps not. The US will still continue to sink in stature in the world because of inherent financial problems. One president or not even 10 can retrieve the rotting corpse of overconsumption and deficit spending. America has lived too high on the hog, even the middle class who felt that they could live via credit card (to the tune of $14 trillion dollars of debt)  like the rich and famous. US leaders never led the people of the US to modesty. Corporate control dictated that they drive consumption to the limit, totally disregarding the ravaging of resources that a consumption ideology demands. Now that the rest of the world is demanding its fair share the USians are whining about 4 dollar gas while the rest of the world has been paying 8 for years.

Perhaps the coming world wide depression  will cure the disease but don't count on it. The consumption society of the 50s, and beyond was the result of depression deprivation. As we know human nature does not change in a decade or a century, evolution requires millions of years to make the organic adjustments in the human brain that would result in a changed consciousness for a "better world" Extinction is another solution but that's another story.

Hope you are staying out of the smoke up there.

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The smoke?  I cope with the smoke by lighting another cigarette.  Making me all absinthe-minded. 

You are lucky you aren't here.  It is time to lurch into the general election, grind down all the little burrs that might stick in the craw of a Democratic Party voter.  Little box time.  Sticker power, stamp-em-out sameness.  Only McCain gets to be original and off-the-cuff.  He has an endless pass on anything that might reflect negatively on his character.  Or his popularity.  You could actually think that it would behoove the Democrats to look as much "like" the Republicans as possible, no matter how bizarre that might seem as a tactic.  They've done it out of habit so long, they can't change now. 

Besides, many of the Clintonistas are still hollering to anyone who'll listen that they are going to vote for McCain.  Proves my point -- She was a stealth Republican all along. 

Abdication, abnegation, aberration.  The dumbing down of the electorate continues, and while predictable by not that doesn't make it any more fun.  Dean, Obama, and all have inculcated the doldrums, the better to be thought responsible, or as a defense to some other perceived threat that doesn't need to be uttered, to terrify the bejesus outa liberals.  Meantime, Congress holds its breath, or engages in duplicitous further giveaways. 
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Not to belabor the point and add to our depression with things political but there are two final points. IT WAS ALL ABOUT OIL (Now proven by the aid to oil contractors). and WHAT DOES GETTING SHOT DOWN IN VIET NAM HAVE TO DO WITH BEING PRESIDENT (Now proven by the McCain camps furor over Wesley Clarks common sense remark)

I guess it is the great UNSAID that drives me most crazy. It's what we all knew that is so horrible.  What more can I say except that 4100+ US soldiers and 100,000+ Iraqis dod not die to protect US freeddom and it can't be spoken in polite society.

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