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Last night the BBC presented excerpts from remarks on the nomination clinching by Obama. The election results were quietly displayed and we gave a quiet cheer that it was finally over. My first reaction was to think of a Bob Dylan line sometime a knee jerk reaction on my part. From Lost in Mobile With the Memphis Blues again __"oh mama can this really be the end?"
Then they showed some of Clintons "acceptance"speech and I was horrified. How could she do this?  I know she is an egomaniac supported by a crazy man but geez.. Then Jeff Toobin said it all  they are suffering from "deranged narcissism." Says it all in two words.
The partners in pathos as Mike M calls them are now doing serious damage. Withoout sounding too sexist I am sick of the wailing biddies who seem so enraged by the outcome of this contest. Hilary you lost now go the fuck home and get over it
The biggest possible error for Obama to make would be to cave in to Hilary's Biddies and select her as VP. Not only would he get a deranged narcissist as VP he would get her equally deranged husband.

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That says a lot, Stan... I heard that "deranged narcissism," too; it may become a slogan.

The non-concession speech laid out a grim scenario: since Hillary can't have "what Hillary wants," then no Democrat shall have it. She'll either bolt the party or sit out the election — and take as many of her devoted followers with her as she can.

A lot is being made about Hillary's appeal to older white voters. Can one teach old dogs new tricks? Depending on where those voters live and who they talk to, they'll either get over the race and gender issue, stay home, or vote Republican. Will old folks deliberately vitiate themselves as an electoral force? Yes. Never underestimate human capacity to screw up.

A lot more is being made about Hillary's appeal to the "white working class." That's less serious a problem for Obama. There's no need to expect hoods and bedsheets; "Reagan Democrats" are and always have been a myth: they're better known as Republicans.

Turn the present scenario around. If Obama — or any male politician — had done what Hillary has done, he'd be accused of racism and sexism. Do we hear a word about Hillary's being either? Not yet. But Hillary has unofficially formed a white and female party — the kind of identity factionalism that has been the Democrats' undoing for decades now. How bad a taste does cynicism have to have before it's spit out? We shall see.
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