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Michael Murry
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As Dante Alighieri might say, had he ever written in English:

"Before Inferno's Gate"
My friends, if I might have a word or two
About a subject that just slipped my mind ...
No, wait! I'll have my staff get back to you

About how many houses, and what kind,
My wife might own in various disguise
To keep the tax-man guessing, vexed, and blind ...

... I know! I never meant to criticise
The Black Messiah preaching to the choir
Or spread those Foreign!Muslim!Traitor! lies

Of which, my friends, you know you never tire.
So when I spit and drool you never flee,
But sit, engrossed, around your TV fire.

I'm John McBush, I think you'll all agree.
Abandon hope all you who'd vote for me.

I think I should add this sonnet stanza to my terza-rima epic, The Triumph of Strife, but I don't know where to insert it amoung the more than 2,600 lines I've already written. Plus, I'd have to resequence a lot of line numbers. If I do, though, I'll let Kate know so she won't have to reprint the whole 70-some-odd pages all over again.
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You know, I tried to read that poem, and felt the same perpetual-rhythm, conveyor belt that you must have been on to write it.  I remember you said you literally couldn't stop penning verses.  I had to stop after about page 20.

I like that snippet though and wouldn't want it lost in the body of that long ode to strife.  You have the makings of a series, or a full season's worth of animation, there.
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Mike, if you take your tome (the Misfortuneteller's Ode) and open up a fortune-cookie factory, or maybe a decouppage shop with each quatrain neatly lettered on a nice wall plaque, I think you fortune will be assured. 

Together, it is all too much to take.  Piece by piece, as with the sign I have made of one verse:

"Millenia have come and gone...yet still the fatal crime...of letting kings and priests conspire...keeps Bobbies in the grime...who see the writing on the wall...but cannot tell the time."   I love it.

Too bad there isn't a t-shirt -- hey, add t-shirt to the list.  I've seen some of those inscrutable Taiwanese t-shirts!  Yours should not be at all offensive, but still, you may find they sell much better here in Boobieland. 
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Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.  Literature on the fly is the culprit, gyads making a bad situation worse.  It's's priests and kings, not vice versa.  My sign has it right.  Don't sue me for clumsy expropriation of your literary efforts. 

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