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Michael Murry
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The owner and operator of the Talking Points Memo web site has this observation:


"The McCain camp is using the rumors about [Alaska Governor Sarah] Palin's family as a cudgel to beat back entirely legitimate questions -- which may amount to a feeding frenzy -- about Palin's political record, alleged pattern of abuse of the power of her office and political associations. When you see [Karl Rove acolyte] Steve Schmidt getting weepy, believe me, you're getting played." -- Josh Marshall


So, I posted this response, which I thought I would share here:



I've heard of hiding behind the proverbial mother's apron strings, but having the ruthless cynical republicans wave a nursing grandmother's daughter's baby blanket at reporters -- like medieval peasants brandishing garlic and a crucifix at Count Dracula -- simply takes absurdity beyond the bounds of the ridiculous.


Somewhat as a related aside, however: one of the associated animist threads in the baby-blanket gambit attempts to vaguely postulate that "life just happens." This non-sequitur transparently aims to deflect any questioning of the neophyte Governor Palin because she claims to have recently given birth to a Down Syndrome baby whom no decent person would ever "attack" by questioning the still-nursing-while-campaigning mother about her unknown political history and "experience" for high national office. Yet, as every semiotic guerrilla warrior knows, the key subliminal lizard-language cattle prod verbalism here -- "life" -- serves as a coded dog-whistle call-out to the rabid anti-abortion crowd that gave America and the world Deputy Dubya Bush and his many manifest disasters. Hence, in defense of the Republic, it requires immediate debunking.


But a glaring logical inconsistency seems to have arisen here which I do not think many otherwise observant posters have noted. Namely, that since the overzealous single-spook-animists claim to believe that a big invisible friend in the sky "creates" all life in a conscious, indeed "intelligent" manner, then asserting that "life just happens" amounts to a refutation of "intelligent design" and a bold affirmation of Darwinian evolution which "just happens" as a result of natural processes acting over extremely long periods of geologic time.


Actually, human life begins because humans fuck; but then the puritanical single-spook-animist republicans don't like to tell their underage, sexually active children this obvious truth; so their kids start literally fucking around until they create more human life by mistake and then have to face the awful, embarassing choices about what to do with what remains of their fundamentally altered lives.


And Panama-John McBush wants as his vice presidential running mate (and potential American President) some whacko right-wing nutjob who either doesn't know where babies come from (after having several of them herself) or who cannot impart this simple knowledge to her own daughter? Not a good idea for America. Not a good idea at all.  

Michael Murry
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Over on Josh Marshall's TPM Cafe website, a regular columnist named Jim Sleeper strarted moaning about how much trouble the Democrats now face because of one ghost-written diatribe read off a teleprompter by Alaska's national neophyte Governor Sarah Palin on Day Three of the desultory Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota. Some other posters responded by counseling a wait-and-see attitude towards the embattled VP pick of Panama John McBush. I couldn't resist, so I contributed the following ...

"I agree with those who suggest that Jim Sleeper shed the Democratic Party's traditional Stockholm Syndrome and suit up for some smash-mouth politics. I mean, for crying out loud: some cynical nobody Republican woman from north of nowhere waves a baby blanket at him and his knees start to buckle? Whatever happened to laughing off the ludicrous? The repugnant troglodytes face the real problems this election cycle, not us Democrats."

"It only took this Vietnam Veteran about twenty-five minutes after hearing some of this typical republican trash-talking to conceive and compose a little campaign ballad in dishonor of the disreputable diva Sarah Palin. I call it: "


"The Damn Belle Sans Souci" (or, "The Damned Lady Without a Care," after the style of John Keats' "La Belle Dame Sans Merci")

Whatever ails you, Number Two,
On stage and sneering red-meat quips?
Some spittle smears the lipstick on
Your pit-bull lips.

Who can assail you, Hockey Mom,
Post-partum and still nursing Trig?
Your daughter¡¦s underage and yet
Her belly¡¦s big.

We hear you told her ¡§just say ¡¥no,¡¦¡¨
Although both you and she said ¡§yes;¡¨
And now you want to blame the Stork
For this, your mess?

The baby blanket that you wave
Like garlic and a silver cross
Cannot scare off the questions or
Your looming loss.

We know of apron strings and troops
Behind which charlatans will hide.
But pregnant unwed daughters? Why
Has John no pride?

From speeches written by a ghost
You read some insults off the page
For leper lunatics who find
You all the rage.

Appalled, the country sees again
The venal viper¡¦s gaping jaws
And dripping fangs deployed to bite
And kill our laws.

But snakes, like other beasts of prey,
Come well supplied in genders, two;
So snakes that mate for votes will come
As nothing new.

From nowhere, you have now appeared:
An apparition of attack,
With no substantive claims except
The class you lack.

Thus John McBush has shown once more
That pressure from the right he¡¦ll heed;
And in selecting you, damn belle,
We see his need.

So with your carefree calumny
You¡¦ve shown no virtue, only vice;
And we now only ask, Madame:
How low the price?

Michael Murry, "The Misfortune Teller," Copyright 2008

"It takes a hell of a lot more than a baby blanket and another snarling, ghost-written republican speech to scare this Democrat. If Mrs. Palin wants to climb into the ring and throw some low-blow punches at better, more qualified Democratic Party candidates for high office, then I intend to see that she gets both her political eyes dotted and a few of her own political teeth knocked out. She asked for it, and she has no complaint coming when she gets it. She has apparently never been to a fight on the ice where occasionally a hockey game breaks out."

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